Thursday, 2 November 2017

My Slide Show On When I When I Went To D'urville

D'urville trip

Man’s body found In Pond 100 Word Challenge

Man’s body found In Pond

On September 22 of March 2015, locals were surprised to discover a man sticking out of the pond at the Queen’s Gardens in Nelson in New Zealand. Scientists have taken a DNA test and discovered his name is John Smith. John Smith has a backstab plus the knife is still stuck in there.

Police think it is a murder because there are fingerprints on the knife. Police know it’s not suicide but still can’t detect who the murderer is. If anyone has been there at the scene, please contact the police at 111.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Starting High School( Without Saying What It Is

He walked through the gate like a nervous tourist. His eyes scanned the pathway and inside building’s, hoping to see someone he knew.he heard ringing in the distance, and yelling voices coming from the corridor. “HURRY GET TO THE HALL’’. He walked slowly, staring at the ground, trying to avoid eye contact with the group's standing and talking. He sits down waiting for the chatting to stop. The stage in front, of him was empty besides a microphone. He sees black, brown and blond heads in front of him. The teacher strides up to the microphone waiting for the chattering to stop and says “Welcome To You New School.”

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Injustice Jew Project

On term two and the start of term 3, me bradley and peter did a slide show about jews.We talked about

  • What the holocaust means,
  • We talked about How did hitler rose to power ,
  • We talked about What jews are,
  • And we did Why did the Nazis hate jews,
  • And talked about what are the Concentration camps.
  • Here is the slide show: Click Here

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

My Complex Writing

Now and again, on a hot sunny day in the week end, dad and i would go to Mapua Wharf to cool down.My heart was beating, telling me to not do this. My legs, stiff with fear, wanting me to go to the car.

Sometimes dad forced me to get in the water. He picked me up and threw me into the sea.It didn’t matter how hot the days where the water was always cold.The sea water rose to the top of my head, my lungs gasping for air, my body tried to swim to the top. I didn’t know where the the top or bottom was.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Global Issue Hunger

Every day too many men and women across the globe struggle to feed their children nutritious meal. In a world where we produce enough food to feed everyone, 795 million people–-one in nine–-still go to bed on an empty stomach each night

Image result for people that have no foodImage result for people that have no food

 References: here's the link

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Zoom Out

This activity needs your help. 

You are invited to build on to the story by adding a comment. This means you need to zoom out of the image below with your who is holding the ice cream? What else might be in the picture if you zoomed out a bit? What might happen next?
Be sure to read others' comments first, and continue the story, by zooming out even further. We could build an amazing story. Give it a go!

So, here is the start of the story...

 (bob)Romeo, uniform, november, whiskey, alpha yankee, its it safe to land.

(runway) all clear Bravo, Oscar, bravo.

(Bob) im sweting what is going to happen to me. I might _________

johannesbock Flickr via Compfight cc